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Synovus from the Riverwalk

If you're using Mozilla Firefox, you can keep up to date on by dragging the following link to your toolbar:

I'm sure you can do something similar with other browsers, but we like Firefox, so you're on your own :)

You can also join/view the CFn events on the Google Calendar <googlecalendar></googlecalendar>

Other stuff going on

  • We're meeting regularly at the network ops center. Everybody is welcome to help, even if you just want to stand around and learn from the others.
  • We're now installing wireless access points in businesses in Uptown. If you run a place within eye-shot of Judy Bug's Bookstore in Uptown, get in touch with Bandwith or FiveAble. It's about $200 for the access-point and antenna, a one-time equipment cost. We make no money on this (hence, donations are kindly accepted :)
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