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Free your computer from spyware!

Spyware Spring Cleaning - Results

Still editing... please check back Hosted its 1st anti-spyware/anti-virus fund-raiser on Feburary 26, 2005.

First order of business. Many thanks go to Kevin and his wonderful gang at Fountain City Coffee Shop for the excellent service, prime location and great coffee.

We'd also like to thank the volunteers who gave up their Saturday to come out and help our cause.

Though the turnout was low, the interest was high. We worked with several people to clean spyware and viruses from the computers and spoke with many more regarding the wireless project.

Destruction and mayhem:

  • Viruses killed
    • vudu - 217
  • Spyware removed
    • vudu - 778
  • Total number of machines scanned.
    • vudu - 2

Lessons Learned

What can we do to make the next one better?

  • Have a longer lead time for getting the word out. We need to schedule another one, maybe in 2 months? (I'm working on a web-calendar for this site, should be up pretty soon - Eater)
  • Create a custom version of The Open CD with free wireless utilities, CF.o propaganda, etc. This should be pretty easy to do.
  • We need to test exporting people's drives via CIFS, and scanning remotely using a faster machine. This may or may not speed things up by offloading the signature scanning overhead, but may not work due to the slow network throughput... but some of the machines we cleaned would take several hours to complete a simple virus scan, so it's worth testing out :(
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