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The Columbus Regional Technology Association

The CRTA ( gave birth to in 2004 as an initiative of their Outreach Committee. We have since spun off into our own separate project, but there is still a great deal of collaboration between members of the CRTA and

The CRTA holds monthly meetings on various topics of interest. They also sponsor major events in Columbus, in addition to creating a healthy community of technology professionals.

About the CRTA

The Columbus Regional Technology Association was founded in the fall of 2003 by business and academic leaders. We are a volunteer led organization whose mission is to unite technology professionals and promote technology in our region. Ultimately, our vision is to make Columbus, Georgia more attractive to the high-tech community.


Columbus Georgia is a town rich in tradition and culture. Those of us who live and work here are proud of our heritage and quality of life. We want to make our region even more attractive by employing the following objectives:

  • Create an environment where technology ideas are exchanged and promoted.
  • Promote technology and technology solutions in our community.
  • Provide a unified voice for technology professionals that can be used to positively address issues affecting the quality of life in our region.
  • Partner with our education system to build stronger technology skills and awareness.
  • Recruit high-tech professionals into the organization.
  • Educate members of the community on the benefits of technology.
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