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Bryce shows off the Primestar hack
  • Promotional artwork and design work available here. If you are an art or design guru, send your ideas to Eater, who is neither. Many thanks to George Adkins for the original design work.
  • The Columbus CBS affiliate WRBL News 3 produced a follow-up to their original coverage. The segment aired on February 2nd, 2005 and is available here (8MB mpeg.) Mad props to Blaine Stewart for giving us the opportunity to get our message out!
  • The Ledger-Enquirer ran this story in August of 2004. They also ran a follow up which is available here (removed dead links 06/20/06 bandwith)
  • The original WRBL coverage of was broadcast in July, and is available here (7.3MB avi, 1:57)
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