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How to Format Wiki Pages for Professional Use

A lot of material from this site can be converted directly to a professional, portable format using this simple hack.


  • Firefox - a neat web browser. You may be able to output to postscript with IE, but I haven't looked.
  • ps2pdf - Linux utility for converting postscript to Adobe Acrobat, installed by default with most Linux distributions. Windows users can probably use Cygwin, or I'm sure you can pay a bunch of money for a commercial utility from somewhere.

When you have the wiki-page in question loaded in Firefox:

  1. Select the portion you want to capture (basically select everything except the nav-menu on the left and the footer)
  2. Choose File->Print.
  3. Choose Selection under Print range.
  4. For Print to, select To file.
  5. Change the file name, or keep the default Click Print.
  6. In your shell, run ps2pdf
  7. The utility will output an Adobe file to the current directory (filename.pdf.)
  8. Done! Now you can email the document, and be sure that it will look okay on any platform.

You can naturally write some perl script to do all this automatically, and just feed it the URL. That, however, is an excercise left to the reader :)

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