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What we are doing

Uptown from the Air
  • We want people to get a free wireless network connection in the Uptown Columbus area (and maybe beyond.)
  • We're setting up a central Internet connection to service users of this wireless cloud.
  • We're using antennas to bounce the signal between the central Internet connection and your laptop. The equipment to do this is incredibly cheap right now, and it's getting cheaper.

What we are not doing

  • We are not replacing your cable/DSL modem. It's probably not going to be as fast or reliable as that.
  • We are not charging anybody for it. We'll probably have some kind of advertising portal in the future to sustain bandwith costs... but right now it's just donations (because it's so cheap and such an incredibly cool thing for the city, people have been extremely willing to back the project.)
  • We are not setting the whole thing up ourselves... not exactly. The idea is to make it easy for you, your neighbor, or anybody to put their own equipment on the network, and become a part of it. This is why wireless community networks work so well in the first place!

Why we are doing this

  • Because we are geeks, and it's going to be fun for us to play with.
  • Because we think Columbus could really use it. It'll bring our local geeks together, and it will also attract new geeks to the area. Geeks make a city more fun, because we make cool toys (like free wireless networks) for everyone else to enjoy. Oh yeah, and rumor has it that the tech industry is here to stay, so we think cities should get behind this idea :)
  • Because lots of other cities are doing this already, and we're sick of letting them have all the fun.
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