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Partner.jpg Partners

Participating with is a unique opportunity for Columbus business owners and non-profit Columbus organizations. Free community wireless projects like this one can be a significant draw for customers, and will also help to unify the local technology community for the benefit of all within the area.

The volunteers who are building would like to thank all of those who have played in role in making it a reality. This has come in the form of financial support, helping to educate others about what we're doing, and allowing us to provide open access-points within their places of business.

Partner Access Points

In addition to other forms of support, some of our partners host a wireless access point in their place of business. This helps to attracts customers, in addition to expanding the wireless cloud.

For the one-time cost of the equipment (under $100) volunteers can set up an access point using an existing Internet connection (cable or dsl modem.) When the central NOC is operational, a $200 one-time equipment investment will allow your business to join the cloud without needing an existing connection. Please note that many places will opt to keep their broadband connection for personal/business use, as it will be faster and more reliable... but the free, convenient wireless access to patrons from the project is well worth the small investment!

We have several professionals from the local technology community who will get the equipment installed in the best way possible. We will also help keep things working after the access point is installed. If you're a techie person yourself, we'd be happy to show you how everything works, too.

These establishments on Broadway currently offer free wireless access:

The following locations have access points outside of the Broadway vicinity:

We're working with others in the downtown area to get them up and running, as well as a few areas in other parts of Columbus. With a little elevation and some inexpensive antennas, we'll be able to tie everyone together into a cohesive mesh. If you can help place an antenna on a tall building in Columbus, contact bandwith today!

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