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  • run more outlets?
    • there are 3 quad outlets against the equipment wall
    • more outlets on the other walls?
    • need to run a line for the ceiling lights
  • complete inventory of equipment on other side of the wall and continue loading servers
    • pf.conf
      • qos
      • ip-based throttling of bandwidth
      • captive portal wifidog selected
      • pfauth for administrators
      • ipsec configuration for vpn access
    • portal apache server
      • identify best server for this
      • load OS, apache using gibson.cfn
      • play with nocat and other forms of portal management (skoz - if im lucky :D ) Wifidog-auth selected
  • CFn mural (Tiffy)
  • run line for Judy Bug's AP. i drilled a hole and ran some line through the floor, need to fish it through the ceiling and put a connector on it. i have a wrt54g we can donate for them.
    • vudu and eater will finish this on Saturday, 8/13/05
  • can we run cat-5 to the cannon and stay within 300 feet? i think we can. need to try
  • cat-5 to Scuffy Murphy's
  • cat-5 to Boneheadz? need to talk to Greg about a stage-cam
  • cooling

    • alek says he has a window unit we can use, but we can't put it in the front window--need to rig a vent and drip-tray or something
    • sorrells donated an ac unit. it's downstairs in the stock room, need to move it upstairs and start rigging a venting solution for it
    • still need to get the other unit from Alek. We'll probably need both units to cool the room.
  • wall/divider - need to segment our section of the upstairs to control dust and temperature. this can be as simple as hanging plastic sheeting, or if we have the money we can build an actual wall. either way we need to do something.

  • Finish bringing up components from downstairs (Mini-rack and 4U server case mainly)
  • Cut a 36x28 piece of wood (from the trash-heap upstairs) to use as a hatch to keep in the cool air
  • Plug The Cannon's AP into the CFn network drop already there (above and to the left of the bar)
  • EVERYONE: Think about other fundraiser ideas. We need some monies.

Stuff needed

  • sector antenna for the roof. probably going to be about $90 retail.



Weekly meetings are ongoing throughout Summer 2006 at 3pm Saturday. We are trying to establish the first weekend of the month as a primary meeting. In other words, if you can only make it to one meeting, try and make it to the first meeting of the month. For the most current meeting information please visit: CHAOS.


Generally workdays are not on a set longterm schedule. Workdays usually occur when a specific need arises. A date and time will be set according to volunteer availablity. Also there are usually at least a couple people who stick around and try and get some stuff done after the weekly Saturday meetings. If you have the time please feel free to stick around and help out.

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