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Post your questions here about the project, what's been done, where it should go, etc. Go here if you're a wiki-newb.


Who's In Charge Now?

You are. Get involved, silly.


  • Into what other areas do you guys plan on extending the network?

There's a presence at the airport (not meshed into the downtown network... yet!) and there was a lot of talk about the airport people wanting free access in the terminal itself.

We've had a lot of offers that would allow us to place directionals on roof-tops, and did much of the ground-work deciding what equipment would be cost effective and technologically sounds to do it. Need to get some geeks together to make it happen, and get with Brian to help fund it.

Another key idea of CFn was to provide free web server access for the geeks. We have the upstairs above Judy Bugs Books / Flipside Records serving as the NOC (we call it the LOLpht) where there are three servers providing services to the Internet, as well as running internal services for the wireless net (DHCP, DNS, etc.)

 **I have another rack to donate to the LOLpht (if needed/wanted) - mag0o/lynchmob**
 **can you drop it off at the LOLpht? We can use it :) - bandwith**

  • Meshing up all of downtown?

Our original goal was covering the 1000 block of Broadway. That's pretty much done, and you can go most places down there and get free wireless. It's spotty in some places where we started experimenting with things, and never had a chance to finish.

  • How many users are typically on at one time during the busier times of the day/week?

I don't have any detailed statistics, but there are two or three businesses that use it for their primary access, and of course patrons of businesses there. During the afternoon I know it can be kinda laggy, so I know it's getting some use.

  • Do you have any APs in outdoor locations?

All APs are currently mounted indoors.

  • What AP hardware is in place?

WRT54G with Sveasoft or OpenWRT firmware. Some APs have after-market Linksys antennas to extend the range a bit. A few are meshed together with WDS to create one big zone down there.

  • Are all the APs running from the same net connection?

The core is served by a DSL connection. The Cannon still uses their cable modem, but that AP just needs to be moved over... we already ran cat-5 for it.

  • Do you need any help?

Oh definitely :) A lot of the hard part has been done already, just need a few geeks to band together and help clean it up and extend it.

Stuff To-Do

  • Need to clean out the back-area of the LOLpht. Alek has a lot of old junk up there (about 20 years worth) that's ready to go to the dump. Brian is finding some cash to help offset the cost of paying people to help clean up, and maybe a waste-bin rental thingie.

* Cantina's AP is in "experimental" mode (translation: it's not working at the moment.) Need to reconfigure it and get it on the main mesh.

  • Cannon's AP is downstairs on their cable modem. Need to move it to the cat-5 drop upstairs (behind the TV) or move it up front where it can reach the mesh.
  • Mario wants an AP, and we've got it... need to set it up and install it. He's already agreed to pay for the equipment, just need to follow up and do it.
  • The airport wants wireless in the terminal. Brian has the contact out there to make it happen, need to sick some geeks on the job. Should be easy, two maybe three APs with WDS, done.
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