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ColumbusFreenet.org is a community that works together

Our volunteers donate a small portion of their time during the evenings and weekends to make ColumbusFreenet.org a wonderful example of collaborative effort. Join the CHAOS mailing list to get a heads-up on upcoming CFn events.


Kenneth Wehr

Eater Unplugged

Usually referred to by his oh-so-elite cyber-alias "Eater", Ken was our president from ColumbusFreenet's inception until February 2006, when he decided to take a "better job" with Google!!! Though we wish you luck and much success, we think he sucks for leaving.

He can be stalked by visiting eater.org. Additional info is also available on his user page.

Brian Sorrells

Life Is Good

Brian is currently serving as the active president and treasure of ColumbusFreenet.org, he assist with coordinating finances, producing CFN goods to hawk, wiring buildings and other tasks as called upon.

Brian brings 18 years of IT experience to the ColumbusFreenet.org Team. For several years he owned and operated a consulting company which catered to businesses such as the following:

Currently he is the Sr. Director of Information Techonology for Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Mr. Sorrells has an extensive background in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. He has several years experience in Information Security with detailed experience in VOIP, Frame-Relay, NOC Design and Disaster Recovery Planning as well as Planning, Design, Implementation and Operation of Windows and Unix networks in large and mid scale companies. He is currently a certified CCDP, ASE, MCSE and CISSP. Mr. Sorrells is also a contributing columnist for myitforum.com and has written several whitepapers for Microsoft Press.

In 2004-2005 he served as the Vice President for Columbus Regional Techonology Association crta.info

When not working, he builds furniture in his woodworking shop with his two boys or is exploring the world.

Sam Kuonen

Sam is a key player in the Columbus Freent Project. Currently his favorite linux distribution is of the Gentoo flavor. Sam's strong background in both networking and multimedia technologies makes him a great asset to our group. Sam is affectionately referred online by his cyber-alias "bandwith" (as in "with the band" not bandwidth). IRL he is often called "cyber-sam" since there are at least 3 Sams working on the same block here in Columbus, GA. Because of his wide range of interests, Sam generally has anywhere from 2 to 10 concurrent pet projects going on.

Sam's fortune cookie reads: "You are busy man."

Sam can be reached at sam@columbusfreenet.org

Tom Marks

Tom can be reached at tom@columbusfreenet.org

Derrick J. Wippler

Enjoys getting bashed by the spelling Nazi's on #chaos706 for every single spelling or grammatical error. He professes all his words are in fact spelled correctly and Eater, Jilt, and Bryce are just mislead by the grammatical fascist's who write English text books. In his spare time he works for a small company called "Logical Solutions" where he pretends to know nothing and fixes everyone else's mistakes. He enjoys programming in C/C++/Perl/Bash and specializes in writing communication and daemon software. He is also engaged in learning .NET and C# just so he can get on Eaters bad side. His full time job involves fixing everything Mike Marzuki(aka lunacy) breaks on the 'atomsk' server.

HomePage: http://thrawn01.org
Employer: Logical Solutions Inc, Columbus Ga

<@jilt> take the contraction out of fascists
<@eater> ThrawnWrk s/mislead/misled/

Thrawn01 User page

Mike Marzuki

Hax hax

Mike Marzuki, aka lunacy, lives in Columbus, GA and works for Troy University South Eastern Region. When not working in a Windows-only environment (ugh), he likes to experiment with Linux and networking, especially wireless. When he has nothing better to do, he enjoys playing with high definition TVs, trolling IRC, and just making a general ass of himself. He also starred as Michael Bolton in Office Space.

Bryce Albritton

Photo of Bryce Albritton

Bryce Albritton (aka 'Kingpin', aka 'Eraser', aka 'Drageon') is a Columbus, GA resident who currently works along-side eater at Logical Solutions, Inc. performing mediocre tasks such as: doing technical support for customers, building and repairing servers, getting eater coffee, and making sure that various programs that are vital to a Linux system are not cluttering up precious hard disk space. Aside from duping eater's lifestyle, he enjoys spending his free time on his computer or working on his babe-magnet of a truck. When he's not spending his free time on a computer or under the hood of his chick mobile, he can be found shaking his fist at any good idea that comes his way. Bryce has an understanding of Linux, FreeBSD (not limited to it of course), and of course the all-time obscure Windows. Along-side his extensive software knowledge he can also deal with the hardware that is needed to run the software.

Raiford Storey

Picture of Raiford Storey

Raiford Storey (aka hatter) is a life long Columbus resident who recently moved to Lawrenceville, GA. Raiford has been less active with Columbus Freenet over the last year because of his distance from Columbus.


Photo of 0x0000

0x0000 (aka 'Zero', aka 'Hex') is virtual entity owned and operated by a part-time Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL resident. As far as anyone knows, 0x0000 doesn't do much of anything useful, but produces a great deal of advice and opinion on a wide variety of topics via various Internet communications channels. 0x0000 is widely believed to have been the first of the current generation of 'Homeless Programmers' and has been called 'The Electric Shaman' and 'The True American Gypsy' (among other things).

The areas in which 0x0000 appears to claim some expertise include: The Internet, IP networking (IPv4 only - 0x0000 has never posted anything discussing IPv6), Linux, Open Source, Software Development, Freenets, Politics, Religion, Music, Poetry, Cooking, saftey-critical embedded systems development, the English Language, natural language processing using computational equipment, systems administration, Emacs, TLA development, and much much more. 0x0000 plans to build and operate of a mobile node of the Columbus FreeNet at some point in the near future.

See http://blog.earthside.org/ for more information output by 0x0000's Chaos Generating Device (CGD). 0x0000 can be contacted in a variety of ways, including via email to zerohex@freeshell.org or Yahoo IM under the screen name 'zero_hex'

Ryan Briones

<eater> you're a volunteer now :)
<mexnix> i am?

Ryan Briones is a newcomer to Columbus and ColumbusFreenet.org. Mostly he's good at pretending he knows what he's talking about on subjects like Unix/BSD/Linux, Free Open Source Software (FOSS), Network Engineering, Programming (mostly Perl and PHP, but sometimes C++ or VB.NET), and other geek pastimes like watching the Sci-Fi Channel. Sometimes he uses the false name, Mexnix, to fool agents and chat on IRC. Also, he trys to make time to check his email at mexnix@gmail.com, when he feels like sitting at his desk for long periods of time. Rock and Roll.

James Sheheane

Photo of vudu

James Sheheane is a Capricorn who enjoys hot-tubbing and Open Source Zealotry. When not plotting world domination, he works as Network Administrator for a division of Snap-on Tools. While currently confined to a Windows-only environment, he's fairly skilled in the black arts of Linux, AS/400, Network Engineering and Wireless Networking. Usually referred to by his online alias of vudu, he is the token senior citizen of ColumbusFreenet.org. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar in the CFN Band


I am a graphic designer, a ham web operator. As a matter of fact, I designed the Columbus Freenet logo. I work at Basset & Becker Advertising. I'm not much of a 'geek', perse, but I am curious about all this open source stuff. I have also always wanted to join a cult, so here I am, ready to do my part. My greatest passions besides design are women, beer and underground American music. I wont get into my musical influences because you are probably not familiar with them. Thanks for having me.

Glen Dudley

AKA - DudleyDooRite: I'm a software designer/developer for Panasonic. I current develop desktop, web applications, and Web services interfaceing with database such as Oracle, SQL Server, MS-Access(Yes people still use it), and XML raw Datafiles, I have a better than average passion for learning how things work, hence my intrest in Open Source technology. Some areas that intrest me the most are cryptography, artificial intelligence and how to use them both together. I enjoy writing interface software for external devices such as GPSs and anything else I can get my hands on and hook to my computer. I also love working on my laptop and drinking coffee. So any way I can help I will be there. I have recently become the proud father of a wonderful little girl and can't wait to teach her how to code and reverse engineer. email as gdudley@mbiabattery.com

Patrick Hancock


AKA - pac:

Pac rules. He likes to spend his time honing and refining his skills in BSD, Linux, and development of any sort. He spends any time he isn't deathly tired and/or working contributing to the freenet project... with things like lugging huge servers up stairs, painting walls and shelves, and providing a general sense of coolness to whatever environment he makes himself a part of. Contact him via email with anything pertinent.

Ric Rivera

The power of Mao compels you...

AKA - Mr disco: Ric Rivera is a Unix Sysadmin, aspiring Cisco NetAdmin, and general jack of all IT trades at the W. C. Bradley Company in downtown Columbus, GA. He's a recently converted Mac nerd and long-time Unix/Linux nerd. In his spare time he enjoys socializing on Broadway, chai lattes, art flicks, live music, trivia, pool, poker, and doing good deeds like contributing to the Columbus Freenet project. And yes, ladies, he's single! (for now)

Ryan Thralls


AKA - Speed: Ryan is a computer technician for the Geek Squad and the resident gamer. When not ruining lan parties he usualy working with computers or attempting to work on cars. He likes all things technological and is slowly being converted to open-source. In somewhat CHAOS706fashion he started Frag706for all the local gamers. His plans are to help freenet in anyway possible and to one day realize the ultimate goal of turning freenet into one giant wireless lan party :)

Like pac I should probably be further up the list, but hey we're lazy.

Brandon Sellers


AKA - Skoz:

When not being rocked by "The Man", he enjoys a good UT2K4 / CS:S game (which Speed usually pwns him at), and a good movie here or there.

Being one of the local Mac Zealots, he thinks that for some reason, "Apple will take over the world!!!". Who knows, Apples might even move to an x86 architecture one day. :-) He believes in the Open-Source Revolution, he plays around with a few linux distros here and there, but mainly sticks with the Mac.

Lastly, watch out for crazy people with racing helmets on, making funny faces, they might make you laugh.

Eric Williams

AKA - dub:

"The most known unknown."

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